We are the leading company in storage, selection of cocoa beans in the San Martín region, Peru. We have a network of more than 4 thousand farmers associated and distributed in 50 collection points.

Our operating capacity and our select beans have made us a company capable of supplying the domestic market with more than 4,800 thousand tons of cocoa every year.


Satisfy the needs of our clients in the cocoa industry and Facilitate the cultivation of cocoa, in a sustainable integral model that allows the reduction of poverty and the improvement of the quality of life of peasant families, as an economic alternative in the post-conflict, based in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in Perú.


To be a leading organization, strengthened and recognized at the local, national and international levels for the quality of our product, the transparent execution of sustainable projects that respond to the needs of the communities, providing producers with a plan to improve their quality of life with educational agreements and training.


Collection centers

Juanjui, San Martín

Juanjui Collection Center.

Yurimaguas, Loreto

Yurimaguas Collection Center.

Raymondi, Ucayali

Atalaya Collection Center.



Commitment to the community

Project investment in the community

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